About National Interfaith Council of South Africa


The National Interfaith Council of South Africa (NICSA) is a Section 21 Company consisting of all faith based organizations in South Africa. Our vision is to take an inter-faith approach to building a new society with new moral values and attitudes. NICSA therefore aims to strengthen, restore and re-build the integrity of the family and human values through interfaith dialogue and cooperation, as well as other interventions aimed at promoting national social cohesion and prosperity.

NICSA promotes moral regeneration for social development rather than moral regeneration for its own sake.  We need to ask ourselves to what extent our moral values contribute to social development and a cohesive civic community. 

Problem Statement

South Africa has emerged from its violent, racial, unequal apartheid past and has not addressed these issues in a systematic manner. The consequences of our past are dehumanisation; the loss of identity, African spirituality, and human dignity; landlessness, poverty and unemployment. 

Colonialism uprooted African people from their cultural and traditional moral value systems and they were socialised into Eurocentric and Judeo Christian value systems which essentially undermined and distorted the Ubuntu principles that shaped the moral character of the African community.

The resultant anger of the violent apartheid past lingers in the sub-conscience of the majority of the African people. This subliminal anger defines, to some degree, what they say and do, resulting in the destruction of property, self-hate, entitlement, demand politics rather solution driven dialogue, rape of women and children, substance abuse, disregard of the sanctity of human life and loss of imaginative appreciation of anything African.

These problems have to be addressed if the national project of social cohesion and nation building is to succeed and the nation to heal. NICSA is committed to partnering with government and the private sector in this regard.

Mission Statement

To unite all faith groups in a single campaign to contribute to the creation of a socially cohesive and prosperous South African nation. 

Our Goals

Restore the integrity of the family
Rebuild a family unit
Revive human values
Dealing with the  triple challenge of Poverty, Unemployment and Inequality
Social Cohesion, Nation Building and Revival of the spirit of Ubuntu
Participate and Contribute in Africa and the world


Advocacy programme
Youth Chat Camps (youth dialogues)
Community Dialogues/Social Dialogues
Provincial and Regional Interfaith forums
in- conversation with SA Leadership
The Road to parenting
Media and Communications
Social Mobilisation
PR and Events
Capacity Building

Monitoring and Evaluation


Our programmes will include initiatives to:

  • Combat racism, xenophobia, religious and other forms of intolerance
  • Combat women & child abuse and drug & alcohol abuse
  • Establish halfway houses for the rehabilitation and social integration of ex-offenders, and recovering drug and alcohol addicts
  • Develop training manuals for faith-based leaders to help drive these initiatives
  • Provide training in community food security and herbal gardens to grow fresh produce, delivered in partnership with the Departments of Social Development and Agriculture as well as small business organisations.
  • Develop educational material about leading church and spiritual leaders, past and present, to highlight their contributions to the moral and ethical values of society.

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