Narendh Ganesh
Founder / Party Leader

Founder & Leader of NICSA. Prolific & acclaimed political writer, leader and respected activist. Elected Community Leader. More than 3800 published articles. Regular political speaker on numerous radio shows, podcasts and events.

Pamela Singh

Provincial Leader Gauteng

Political Science specialist with affiliations  & service in multiple NPOs including the UN Women & Salvation Army amongst numerous community service initiatives.

Samantha Prawalall
Legal & Women Portfolio

Practicing Attorney. Member of KwaZulu-Natal Legislature Practice Council for 19 years. Former Vice-Chairperson of the SA Women Lawyers Association (KZN Chapter). Active in NPOs and Upliftment Initiatives.

Ved Rampersad
Administration,  Governance & Board Management

Former Tertiary Lecturer in Visual communications,  Design & Photography. Union administrator, Social activist. Experience in Leadership Strategy.

Anil Singh

Secretary General

Experience in political administration for more than 20 years. Also, Served as a liaison officer to the IEC and an administrative functionary in previous local and national elections. Served on the Demarcation Board for the IEC. 

Avin Bhola
Policies & Legislative Portfolio

Governance, Political Policy and Legislative expert. Former Senior Municipal Officer and Manager. Local Government and Policies/Legislation specialist.

Raven Aiyer
Youth Development & Finance

Entrepreneur. Experienced in Petro -chemistry,  financial consulting and banking. NPO Founder for Holistic Youth Development, and Entrepreneurship and Skills Development. Chairman of REEEM (Racial Equality and Employment Equity Movement)

Rajan Singh

Senior Advisor & Global Attention

UK based Founder of the Global Indian Series. He is a British Indian explorer, journalist, poet, and entrepreneur with his work being featured across the globe ranging from TIME, Miami Herald, Indian Express through to Asia Business channel.

Kieran Beeka
Labour Relations

Labour Relations and Education professional. Long term activist building unity amongst race groups and organisations. Based in the Mpumalanga Region with a reach across the country

Meet Narendh Ganesh

Founder and Leader of NICSA


The national leader of NICSA, Narendh Ganesh, as a political and social activist and a commentator, needs no introduction.

His pedigree in terms of being a relentless and uncompromising fighter for justice, fairness and equality for all citizens of South Africa is well documented.

Having challenged the president, cabinet ministers, mayors, and various individuals in the bureaucratic order, without fear or favour, in terms of mismanagement, corruption and incompetency, the leader of NICSA has proven his mettle of being an intrepid soldier for all people of this country.

From his schooling days to university to present, he has always been in the forefront of challenging the status quo wherever he deemed it appropriate, only for the benefit of his fellow citizens, and the country.

He played a lead role in arranging boycotts at high school during the heydays of the fight against apartheid, often being fingered by the then security branch as a ring-leader.

As a university student in Cape Town he was very involved in struggle politics, being a member of the United Democratic Front (UDF) and the South African Student's Congress (SANSCO), having been arrested by security police on occasions for his troubles.

He was awarded the Cape of Goodhope Foundation Scholarship at the University of Western-Cape (UWC) to conduct research in the field of reproductive physiology under the mentorship of Professor Gerard van der Horst, having graduated in biochemistry and physiology as majors.

As a student, he was also a computer assistant, a demonstrator in physiology and biochemistry, earning his student fees as a result.

The leader is a prolific writer of note, having had over 3700 articles on various issues, published by media houses throughout the country, including leading newspapers, as well as being a Global Indian Correspondent for the Global Indian Series based in the United Kingdom, under the directorship of Rajan Nazran Singh.

The leader has been interviewed as a community leader by international journalists in the West Indies, France, England, Mauritius, Australia and India, and also has given countless interviews to both print and electronic media journalists in South Africa.

He has been elected unopposed as the Chairperson of the Duffs Road Civic Association for the past 12 years, having played a pivotal role in co-ordinating defence efforts in his community during the 2021 July unrest.

The leader, together with his executive committee, co-ordinated a "Go-Fund" effort on behalf of an elderly couple living in his area, whose home was razed to the ground by a petrol bomb attack by rioters in July of 2021 that realized almost R 50 000.

The leader's unstinting efforts to ensure that communities are cared for in times of crises was evidenced by his singular effort to arrange relief for victims of the 2022 KwaZulu-Natal floods, in which he arranged food parcels, blankets, tents and other immediate necessities for affected families - even securing private donors to rebuild an entire house for a family whose house had been washed away due to the floods.

For his efforts he was nominated and bestowed with a well-deserved award by a leading temple in KwaZulu-Natal in the category "Community Socio-economic Development".

The leader of NICSA has consistently demonstrated his commitment to strive for the benefit of all people and for the common good of South Africa, oftentimes at his own cost and personal risk to himself and his family.

He was attacked in his own home on no fewer than three occasions at gun point, after having laid charges of fraud against Durban Solid Waste (DSW) for fraud and corruption, having had President Ramaphosa sign off a presidential proclamation based on his affidavit for the Special Investigating Unit (SIU) to proceed with investigations.

The leader of NICSA leads by the power of his example and not by the example of his power - which can only augur well for the organization and the people of this beautiful land.

Every chain is as strong as its weakest link and NICSA is fortunate that the link of its leader is bound by resilience, ethics and standards worthy of emulation.

The leader of NICSA adheres to the famous utterance of John.F.Kennedy when he stated, "ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country" - a credo that Narendh Ganesh exemplifies to the letter.

As a firm and obstinate proponent of non-racialism, democracy and justice for all, the leader of NICSA has never failed to challenge those in power, when they were found wanting, derelict or deviant in the exercising of their powers.

While there will be detractors who will abound, NICSA is confident that it has in its midst a national leader who has the capability, political competence and most of all, the commitment to lead a party of people who can make a significant and valuable contribution to the welfare of a country that has degenerated due to the poor and ineffective leadership that we all are currently witnessing.

South Africa needs strong-willed and determined leadership - and Narendh Ganesh is the logical choice for the National Independent Congress of South Africa.


The National Independent Congress of South Africa is a political formation created to contest the 2024  National and Provincial elections.

Why another political party one may ask?

South Africa has been in progressive political decline for many years now, with mismanagement, inept and ineffective governance and the haunting spectre of corruption that engulfs the entire nation.

There was a time when it was arguable that the so-called "smaller" parties would diminish a so-called "strong opposition". 

The political dynamics have changed nationally - the political landscape in a multi-party democracy in terms of coalitions since the 2021 Local Government Elections is very suggestive of the fact that small parties can play a vital role, if not a kingmaker role, in determining the balance of power, both nationally and provincially.

NICSA as a new political party, for all intents and purposes, presupposes the same values as most other parties contesting the elections with the ultimate objective of creating a "better life for all" South African citizens.

Further, NICSA, should it secure representation in the National Assembly or in Provincial Legislatures can play the critical role of oversight when governance is lacking or as has been the case - failing - and thereby help policy formulation and the implementation thereto with clear observance of the constitutional principles that guides South Africa. 

A new political party in South Africa today does not mean a weakening of a "strong" opposition - besides further strengthening the notion of a multi-party democracy, it can add a new dimension to proactive and effecting governance that can be truly transparent and accountable, importantly, to all the citizens of this land.

The fact that leadership with integrity and moral and ethical values is sadly lacking in South Africa, or as has been clearly observed, ineffective and corrupt leadership, where the pocket supersedes the people is suggestive that a varied form of governance can make the ruling fathers more accountable to the people.

South Africa suffers from an endemic rot currently where friends, family and political allies are considered suitable candidates for public office whether they are capable or not.

Meritocracy has long been relegated to the back burner.

Despite the constitutional construct of a non-racial society, South Africa is very much entrenched in a racial posture whereby the so-called "minorities" are being bulldozed by legislation that is both prohibitive and restrictive in the practice of a fair and just society.

NICSA can provide a political dimension of a differential leadership based on the principles of ethical and moral leadership where every citizen is treated equally without the race card being played to dilute citizenship to satisfy a racial norm.

It is a fight that NICSA pledges to fight to the bitter end in the interest of all citizens, irrespective of race, colour, creed, religion, sexual orientation or any other difference that defies our commonality as one people, one nation.

NICSA does not intend re-inventing the wheel but seeks to ensure that no more spokes are added to drain a country of its true potential and to ensure that every citizen has a fair, equal and just right to enjoy the fruits of the land as any other citizen.

The relegation of meritocracy and the promotion of race-based principles, euphemistically called transformation, is a cunningly disguised policy of job reservation apartheid style, which NICSA is opposed to in all spheres of South African life.

NICSA is inherently opposed to this system of governance as it creates and promotes discrimination against its own citizens which is anathema to the very constitution to which allegiance is sworn to.

The leadership of NICSA is committed to ensuring that South Africa is a country of equals where race is a myth and citizenry must be championed as a patriotic construct of such citizenry.


I am Narendh Ganesh, the National Leader of the National Independent Congress of South Africa (NICSA).

NICSA is a political party formed and registered with the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) to contest the 2024 National and Provincial elections in South Africa. 

Our primary mission is to help enforce change with regards to developments in the country that are impacting negatively on all South Africans.

Poor governance - with incompetent, incapable and those not committed to the welfare of the country - is driving the country down to a cul-de-sac and a very dangerous abyss.

It has become abundantly clear that our governance currently is being grossly mishandled much to the detriment of all of us - the race card being overtly used to prejudice bona fide citizens in virtually all spheres of life.

The Employment Equity Amendment Act is one clear example of a detrimental piece of legislation that will have serious repercussions for the future of the country.

As so-called minorities, we are being systematically marginalized on the basis of race from many aspects of South African life, and the time is now to stand up and be firm about our citizenry - that we are equal citizens who have earned the right to equal, fair and just treatment and where the constitutional precept of "We, the people" must mean exactly that.

Unlike the bigger political parties who are funded from major corporates and organizations from outside South Africa, NICSA is reliant on the goodwill of our very own citizens to assist in the funding of its campaign.

In this regard, we are making an earnest, humble and sympathetic appeal to you to assist the formation initially in its mission to become a voice and a true soldier for and of the people.

As you will be aware, the costs of running a political party and its campaign is enormous and as a party seeking to be a voice of the people where it matters - in provincial and national legislature - we are hamstrung in terms of finances.

Your investment in the party may not yield dividends in terms of financial rewards, but it will hugely assist in putting people into such legislatures who are truly committed to making South Africa a country worth living in.

The generations that we leave behind, our children, their children and theirs, will be the ultimate beneficiaries of our goodwill and commitment today in making our country that much more better.

On a personal note, I have fought relentlessly on behalf of the community and of all South Africa for over 3 decades, challenging those in power - right up to the highest office in the land - at great personal risk and cost - only so that fairness, justice and equality can become the tangible cornerstone of our democracy.

It is difficult sometimes screaming from the sidelines - our voice must be heard and acted upon when legislation is enacted.

As we prepare for the official launch of the party, we are incurring major costs in terms of the logistics - IEC registration, deed of foundation signatories, our website and profile brochures etc. - among the myriad of other costs.

Our conservative financial requirements currently stand at approximately R180 000 which is urgently required to fund the initial formation prior to the official launch, which is estimated to be around mid-July.

In this regard, I make a heartfelt appeal to you so that you too can play a role in helping change a country that has gone from being the bread basket of the continent to fast becoming a basket case, by donating to the coffers of NICSA , so that you can help us help you, help those generations you will leave behind - and ultimately help our beautiful land, South Africa

The bank details of the party are listed below for your contribution/donation and a special and kindly request to you is to please send an email (listed) or an sms confirming payment for our accounting, record and reporting purposes.

"Today is only one day in all the days that will ever be. But what will happen in all the other days that will ever come can depend on what you do today -" (From the novel, "For whom the Bell Tolls" by Ernest Hemingway)

May God Bless you. May God Bless your family. May God Bless South Africa.


Narendh Ganesh.


Help get an effective representative into parliament. Narendh Ganesh is the most able and befitting candidate to represent the mInorities in parliament. 


NICSA:     FNB:  6305 3215 654    BRANCH: CODE 250 655   REF: YOUR NAME      


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